Script here. ‘Getting Through To Harry’ by Philip Ayckbourn.


Audition Pieces Here


When Harry Thomas attempts to make contact with his deceased wife Lottie, it opens up an unusual communication that brings him face to face with some bittersweet truths. Is he as guilty as he thinks he is for her death? And is she as innocent as she appeared to be in the months that led up to the fatal coach crash in Corsica? A heartfelt new play with touches of comedy.


Note: 3 actors required for rehearsal and performance, the rest pre-filmed and pre-recorded.


Audition dates (in theatre foyer): Thursday 14th October 7.30 p.m. Recalls Thursday 21st October 7.30 p.m.


Performances dates and times: Sat 29th Jan – Sat 5th Feb 7.45 p.m. 2022. (Matinee on Sat 5th Feb at 2.45pm.)


Rehearsals dates and times:  Mon, Wed, Fri 7.30pm – 10.00pm. Mon 15th Nov – Mon 20th Dec 2021. Christmas Break. Mon 3rd Jan – Fri 28th Jan 2022.

Big Sundays 16th & 23rd Jan. (Call times for rehearsal will be provided in advance so you’ll only be called when required.)


Characters on stage – 2F/1M (will perform on stage and are required for rehearsal):


Harry Thomas – late forties. Brooding, dishevelled, withdrawn. Needs a communication with his dead wife and living daughter.


Macie Thomas – fifteen. Harry and Lottie’s daughter. Feisty, but wounded. Battling with her anger and her blaming of Harry.  


Yvonne Lewis – forties. Sympathetic and kind. Wants to connect with Harry and continue their relationship and to reconcile things with Macie.


Characters pre-filmed – 2F (will require a couple of days filming):


Lottie Thomas – forties. Harry’s late wife appearing on screen. Kind, forgiving and often cheekily humorous. Needs to make a connection with Harry and Macie.


Divina Robbins – age flexible. Psychic medium. Down to earth and sympathetic and is at ease with the spirits around her.


Characters pre-recorded – 4F/1M (will require a couple of hours or less to record):


Bob – late forties/Nan – sixties/Felicity Williams – age flexible/Psychic Celine – age flexible/Mika – age flexible