full length plays:

(highlighted first half available to read)


'Loving Androids' 2017

'Lives In Pieces' 2017

'Psychic Connections' 2016

'Timeshare' 2016

'Recognise Me' 2014

'Getting In Touch With Harry' 2013

'Forgiving Alex' 2013

'In Jack We Trust' 2012

'A Thorn in Midsummer' 2011

'Virtually Just So' 2011 Youth Play

'The Essence of Love' 2009


one-act plays for Quorum Theatre Company:

(plays suitable for TIE touring and for English learners)

(highlighted available to read)


'For Love or Money' 2011

'A Fool’s Wager' 2009

'A Plan of Action' 2008

'The Genuine Article' 2007 

'Thinking Allowed' 2006

'A Necessary Change for the Better' 2005

'Playing Mathilde' 2004

'Value For Love' 2003

'Checking Out' 2002

I’ll use my fading power to treat you monsters to this my darkest hour

To perform any of the above plays contact:


Richard Ireson

The Narrow Road Company